• Five main reasons for needing an electric bike

    Choose samebike, because it's safe, convenient, economical, relaxing and environmentally friendly. In the way of commute, you can have a new perspective to know every corner of your city. Go to work happily,get off work wonderfully.Have a try!
  • Something You Need to Know about E-bike

    On the weekends, take out your electric bike to take a look at every corner of your city and your hometown, to invite some friends to have a picnic or even an e-bike contest, or to the nearby basketball court or park. You can’t imagine how much joy and fun the e-bike can bring you!
  • Tips for Your Lovely E-bike - By SAMEBIKE

    In order to have a better riding experience, please pay attention to the following tips. Electric bikes should avoid prolonged sun exposure. Sun ex...